On the other side of the mountains
2010 / English / 12,000 copies
On the other side of the mountains is a 64-page newspaper which – if you combine two newspapers – can also function as an exhibition measuring 1.20 x 6 metres. The publication was especially developed for the European Month of Photography, a joint venture between European photography festivals in Rome, Berlin, Bratislava, Vienna and Luxembourg.

‘On the other side of the mountains’ is a story about Krasny Vostok, a village with one foot in the 19th century, still partially without gas and electricity. Barely 200 kilometres from Sochi, but a world away. There is no reason to portray this village; and that's why they did. The Caucasus is more than just conflict and refugees, fundamentalist Islam or billion dollar Games.

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On the other side of the mountains won the Dutch Canon Prijs for innovative journalism 2010 and received an honorable mention in the Magnum Expression Award 2010.