Christmas cards
2016 / English / 500 copies
Almost the entire Caucasus grinds to a halt at Christmas. For three weeks it seems as if public life has come to a standstill. Western Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Orthodox Christmas and Russian New Year are celebrated one after the other. It is impossible to reach any officials. On the street you get an idea of the massive amounts of alcohol consumed. Christmas decorations hang everywhere, sometimes all year round. From the richest to the poorest in impoverished refugee apartments, the festivities are celebrated as exuberantly as possible. Even the Muslims are not immune to the Christmas trees and other outward displays of the holiday season.


Leporello of 6 postcards in text wrapper
Dimensions: 130 x 178 cm (5.1 x 7 in.)
Language: English
Print run: 500 copies
€ 7,50